About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery

An inspirational book for chemotherapy patients
by Marcia Reid Marsted

Book Excerpts

Photo from About My Hair by Marcia Reid Marsted "I managed to keep my hair until after New Year's Eve! I was very gentle with my hair and my head. I barely touched it and my hair stayed looking pretty good (if a bit greasy) until January 6th when it started to fall out."

Photos Document the Author's Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy for Uterine Cancer

"This is just about as bald as you can get. My eyelashes and eyebrows were gone, but I got pretty good with an eyebrow pencil. In the winter I wore a hat with no wig mainly because there wasn't room for the wig. When it got warm, I only went once without my wig - I wore a baseball cap to a doctor's appointment and I felt very self-conscious, so I never did it again. The wig looked good. I washed it once a week which was a nice change from the daily wash, which had been my norm when I had hair to wash. Actually, as I mentioned earlier, I bought two wigs at their suggestion, but although they were supposed to be the same, I liked one much better than the other and wore it most of the time. Luckily it lasted. I liked getting compliments on my nice haircut. In a dream, my favorite wig disintegrated from overuse, leaving me with only the second choice."

Photo from Marcia Reid Marsted's Chemotherapy Photojournal

"Here I am with hair that has grown long enough to cut a couple of times to keep it in shape. It hasn't been dyed. I decided to give that up. Now is a time to avoid unnecessary poisons. I look like a Karakul lamb. My mother used to have a lambskin coat that was almost the same, a curly mixture of gray and brown. When I was a child I had ringlets. Later I had waves. The chemo left me with tight curls. I've been asked where I got my perm. A friend had chemo similar to mine. Her hair grew back straight as a stick. An acquaintance, also a cancer survivor who had chemotherapy, told me her hair had grown in extremely curly. Now, a year later, it is quite straight. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens to me. I try not to become too enamored with my present hair so I won't miss it if it goes straight."

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